Backflow Prevention

Backflow prevention services from Brisbane and Cairns plumbers

If you’re experiencing problems with backflow in your plumbing system, then just call All Districts Plumbing for assistance.

Experts in backflow prevention

To protect against backflow, All Districts Plumbing can insert backflow prevention devices to potable water supplies to safeguard them from contamination or pollution. Backflow may occur if water pressure from your taps, shower or toilet fails or drops due to burst pipes or a high demand on the system. As a result of this reduced pressure, outside contaminants such as soil may infiltrate the water system.

Our team has years of experience within the plumbing industry, and we’ve worked with many different customers over the years, so we know exactly what to do to prevent backflow. If you want to avoid costly problems in the future or would like us to inspect your plumbing system, just get in touch.
Call us today on 0439 886 909 for more details about our backflow prevention services in Brisbane and Cairns.
Our team is licensed to carry out statutory tests on the RPZ valves on commercial premises, so we can quickly identify any issues and work to resolve these.

Backflow occurs when water flows backwards through the plumbing system, contaminating the fresh water within it. To prevent this from happening, backflow preventers are usually installed, and our plumbers at All Districts Plumbing can do this for you.
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