Blocked Drains

The best solution for blocked drains in Brisbane and Cairns

Whatever the issue, when it comes to drains, Districts Plumbing will always be there to provide the expert assistance you need, and all for an affordable price.

Your solution to blocked drains

One of the most common problems our residential and commercial customers face is the issue of blocked drains. Whether they become clogged up by debris after storms or something is flushed into the drainage system and gets stuck, blocked drains can be a real problem and are best dealt with as soon as possible.

On commercial premises particularly, they can have a detrimental effect on a business’s hygiene ratings, so if you notice bad smells or slow-draining sinks and toilets, it’s best to get them checked by a plumber.
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At All Districts Plumbing, we use the most up-to-date technology to quickly and cleanly clear drains of tree roots and other debris. Applying high-pressure water (5,500kPa) at a flow rate of more than 33 litres per minute with our hydro-jetting drain cleaning machines, we can resolve your drainage problems in no time.

Meanwhile, all of our service vehicles carry the conventional Electric Eel machines, and we also use CCTV drain cameras to inspect drains and identify system faults for less obvious blockages.
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